The Wyre Forest School Sport Partnership is located in the county of Worcestershire and covers the Wyre Forest and Hagley District. There are 33 schools in the partnership and comprises of: 23 Primary schools, 6 High Schools, a Special School (Age 2 –19), 2 Indpendent Schools and a College. In 2006/7, the number of schools in the District was reduced from 51 to 44 following an educational review which resulted in the re-structure of the school sysytem from a three-tier to a two-tier system.

The SSP is divided into six families of schools ranging in size and configuration. There are two Specialist Sports Colleges in the Partnership (Stourport High School and Haybridge High School) and Alexandra Mays (the Partnership Development Manager) is based at Stourport High School.

The Partnership works closley with the Wyre Forest Sports Developement Team and the district Lesiure Services Department.


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